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Welcome to AlKhor Fly-In

AlKhor Fly-In is an event organized by owners of light Aircrafts with the intention to introduce General aviation to public. Every year since 2008 this event is taking place in Al-khor airport. The purpose of the event is to motivate and promote aviation as a sport and hobby to the youth and general aviation fan.It is also considered a get-together of pilots to enjoy flying. Pilots from Qatar as well as from other GCC countries come to join and participate. The event is open for general public who are welcome to join us and enjoy the moments together.

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Radio frequency : 120.45.
Runway : 32 - 14.
Runway l / w : 1600 x 30 m.
Runway shoulders : 2 x 8 meters.
Stop way : rwy 32: 40 x 30.
Surface : asphalt.
Pavement classification number : 45.
Slope : 0.70 % maximum.

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There are two aprons available with a PCN of 45. The northern apron is able to accommodate 20 light aircraft (e.g PA28, C172, etc ) The southern apron able to accommodate 8 privately owned light aircraft.

Welcome to AlKhor Fly in Day 2017

Alkhor Flyng In welcomes you to the alkhor airfield to particiapte and enjoy the 2017 Event.


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25037'50" N 051030'26" E
FREQ: 345 KHz
b) ILS : Nill
c) PAPI : Nill
d) Night : Nill

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Quick Contacts

Tower Number : (+974) 4472 6022
Office Number : (+974) 4472 3490

Latest News


Alkhor Fly In Day 2017

Alkhor Fly In day has been scheduled on February 10. 2017 from mornng 10. AM.